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Herbs and Vegetables

Taste The Transformation 

Learn how the Dirty Raw Vegan lifestyle can transform, heal, and energize your life.

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A Day in the Life 

The Dirty Raw Vegan Lifestyle can be as simple or as complex as your lifestyle permits.  Here are several examples of meal ideas that could be selected for various meals throughout the day.  They are all interchangeable as a watermelon wedge could be your dinner and date turtles your breakfast.  The Dirty Raw Vegan method removes the barriers and restrictions that make entry into this lifestyle seem impossible.


*Watermelon wedges

*Banana 'Nice' Cream        with varied toppings

*Fresh pressed juice


*Spaghetti with kelp 

  noodles and walnut meat

*Raw chili with cashew

  sour cream

*Collard Green Wraps


*Large salad of choice

*Fruit salad 

*32oz Smoothie


*Date turtles with pecans,

  and chocolate drizzle

*Fresh fruit of choice

*Raw brownies

Got Questions or Need Support - Book an Online Consultation

At Dirty Raw Vegan, we understand that it can be intimidating to take the plunge into a raw vegan lifestyle. This is why we offer you an opportunity to connect and speak to another Dirty Raw Vegan. By booking a session you can ask questions, obtain guidance, and receive the support you need to make the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Even one session can help remove any barriers that may be preventing you from living your best life.

Benefits we've experienced

“I try to eat cleaner when my body starts to have aches and pains and other little nits.  Every single time I eat raw vegan I see my blood pressure go down, my sleep improve, my thoughts are clearer, my eyesight even improved, I just feel good all over.  It's how I know this works because it's not just losing weight, if that's your goal, but it's overall health.”

Mitch, 43

“It's not a popular topic, but having amazing bowel movements is one of the benefits that I didn't realize how much I needed.  Your intestines can hold up to 25lbs of fecal matter and we joke about dropping the kids off at the pool, but I swear I dropped off an entire class!”

Anna, 32

“Okay, no one will believe this benefit until they see for themselves because I thought it was a complete fabrication...but you won't have any cramps with your period, period.  I didn't even realize that my cycle had started.  I did sleep more soundly, but I didn't have the back or abdominal pain and cramping that I normally experience with my cycle.”

Tasha, 29


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