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After witnessing the health challenges and illnesses that affected multiple family members, including myself, I made a conscientious decision to adopt a raw vegan lifestyle. It was a deeply personal choice driven by a strong desire to improve my own longevity and well-being, while also serving as a positive example for my loved ones. Seeing the toll that various health conditions took on my family, I became acutely aware of the importance of preventive measures and lifestyle choices. Raw veganism, with its emphasis on consuming unprocessed plant-based foods in their natural state, seemed like the ideal path towards achieving optimal health. By nourishing my body with nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, I aimed to fortify my immune system, enhance my overall vitality, and minimize the risk of chronic diseases.


I've experienced amazing results and can honestly say that no other diet has generated such a wholistic improvement in my health.  When I eat raw everything improves, even the little things that I hadn't noticed before.  


I haven't had a linear path and I've found that I would throw in the towel because I couldn't meet the standard of perfection that others seemed to accomplish easily.  It took numerous failed attempts before I came to the realization that you can still yield incredible results even if the path is a bit dirty.  This is idea that birthed Dirty Raw Vegan.  How can I help others stay the course and not give up when things don't quite go as they planned. 


Through my raw vegan journey, I hope to inspire and encourage and support anyone that wants to explore healthier options for themselves, leading them on a path towards improved health outcomes and a brighter future.

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